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The Usual Suspects T

100% Red Cotton T-shirt with Stone Sleeves. The Usual Sus..


Safari Club Boy's T

100% Cotton T-shirt with Lion and Leopard friends in the ..


Munching Ellie T

100% Cotton T-shirt with Ellie munching leaves from adora..


Jolly Trio T

100% Cotton T-shirt with a jolly trio on the front, ..


Peeking Ellie Pocket T New

Peeking Ellie Pocket T

100% Cotton T-shirt with delightful embroidered Ellie "peeking..


Safari Club Ranger's T New

Safari Club Ranger's T

100% Cotton T-shirt with official Safari Club badge, stylish r..


Lion Roaring Pocket T New

Lion Roaring Pocket T

100% Cotton T-shirt with playful roaring lion embroidery, ston..


Ellie Flap's Boys T New

Ellie Flap's Boys T

100% Cotton T-shirt with Hoolies special storybook feature...y..


Hello Lion LS T -22%

Hello Lion LS T

Super friendly navy, grey and pinstripe long sleeve cotton tee..

R179.00 R139.00

Wild Boys Storybook LS T -22%

Wild Boys Storybook LS T

DescriptionSuper cute embroidered Wild Boys designUnique two t..

R179.00 R139.00

Awesome Monkey LS T -32%

Awesome Monkey LS T

Charming embroidered monkey long sleeve tee Super cute em..

R189.00 R129.00

Chill Trio T

For all the 'Chill Trios' out there! Complete with...Robust Fa..


Hoolie Africa Boys T -50%

Hoolie Africa Boys T

Calling all Hoolie Africa Winners on the block this summer! Bo..

R179.00 R89.00

Lions Of Africa T

For the Lions Of Africa! Complete with...Robust FacingDurable ..


Melange Ellie T

For the styling dudes this summer! Complete with...Robust Faci..


Lads Ellie Percale Shirt -50%

Lads Ellie Percale Shirt

The Ellie lads are here...Pure cotton luxury percale High..

R299.00 R149.00

Big Tough Guy T -45%

Big Tough Guy T

This super rad tough guy T consists of Embroidered 'Tough..

R179.00 R99.00

Cool Dude T -28%

Cool Dude T

Introducing The Coolest Dude in the jungle! Another winner her..

R179.00 R129.00

I'm Awesome T -28%

I'm Awesome T

Our best selling awesome monkey t-shirt consists of... ..

R179.00 R129.00

Rough 'n Tough -45%

Rough 'n Tough

For all the rough rhinos ruling the playground! This winner co..

R179.00 R99.00

King of Cool T -18%

King of Cool T

For the King's of Cool on Safari this summer! Complete with.....

R169.00 R139.00

Moving a Ton T -18%

Moving a Ton T

For the boys of ingenuity we proudly present...Brilliant 'tran..

R169.00 R139.00

Wild Boys T

Where the wild ones win! A brilliant combination ofDurable cot..


Inf Monster Trail Navy T-Shirt

The Monster Gang are on the move again! Big bush scenery print..


Ellie Ears T

Awesome Hoolie boys T-shirt!100% cotton Mr. Ellie just ha..


Monster Ellie T-Shirt -47%

Monster Ellie T-Shirt

Mr. Ellie and his best friend Mr. Mouse just hanging out. Awes..

R169.00 R89.00

Monster Gang T-Shirt -12%

Monster Gang T-Shirt

The Monster Gang are in - flip & mix the heads and bodies ..

R169.00 R149.00

Monster Trail Navy T-Shirt

The Monster Gang are on the move again with this big bush scen..


The Three Afrigos T-Shirt

The Three Afrigos are ready to play! Awesome detailed print on..


Monster Gang T-Shirt

The Monster Gang are on the move again with this crazy storybo..


Just Chilling in Africa T-Shirt

The cheeky Monkey is just chilling in Africa! Perfect artwork ..


Ellie Cool T -26%

Ellie Cool T

The cool Ellie is just chilling in Africa! Perfect artwork for..

R175.00 R129.00

Sneaky Lion Tail T -15%

Sneaky Lion Tail T

Help Sneaky Lion catch his tail!Perfect artwork for your littl..

R175.00 R149.00

Ahoy Zebra Boys T-Shirt

Hip & Cool turq T with... Detailed Zebra embroidery on fro..


What's Up Africa T-Shirt

The coolest funky Monkey embroidered onto a 100% cotton stripe..


Like a Boss T-Shirt -41%

Like a Boss T-Shirt

Clever, hungry, amped, chillin, cool, awesome - just like a bo..

R169.00 R99.00