Fair Trade Kids Clothing Made in South Africa




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Ahoy Zebra Boys T-Shirt -66%

Ahoy Zebra Boys T-Shirt

Hip & Cool turq T with... Detailed Zebra embroidery on fro..

R179.00 R60.00

Stone Polar Fleece Lion Hoodie

Beat the winter chills in our super fleecy hoodie collection!C..


Wild Boys Storybook LS T -66%

Wild Boys Storybook LS T

DescriptionSuper cute embroidered Wild Boys designUnique two t..

R179.00 R60.00

Dotty Giraffe LS T -62%

Dotty Giraffe LS T

Delightful embroidered giraffe long sleeve stripey teePerfect ..

R159.00 R60.00

Inf Adventure Beanie -20%

Inf Adventure Beanie

Cute allover printed adventure beanie.Keeping cuties warm as a..

R75.00 R60.00

Inf Lime T-shirt 0/3 mnths -29%

Inf Lime T-shirt 0/3 mnths

100% cotton T-shirt.Simply Stylish Lime! ..

R85.00 R60.00

Inf Long Sleeve Giraffe Newborn Vest -52%

Inf Long Sleeve Giraffe Newborn Vest

Cute infant vest!Giraffe applique Super soft cotton long sleev..

R125.00 R60.00

Inf Love Ellie Crossover Top 3/6 + 6/12 mnths -29%

Inf Love Ellie Crossover Top 3/6 + 6/12 mnths

Cutie Infant Crossover! 100% Cotton crossover topCute allover ..

R85.00 R60.00

Lioness Loving Africa Top -52%

Lioness Loving Africa Top

This cute little Lioness is loving Africa, beautiful print ont..

R125.00 R60.00

Polar Christmas Animals T -52%

Polar Christmas Animals T

100% Cotton T-shirt with allover animal print. ..

R125.00 R60.00

Hoolie Africa Boys T -66%

Hoolie Africa Boys T

Calling all Hoolie Africa Winners on the block this summer! Bo..

R179.00 R60.00

Giraffe Chevron Top -66%

Giraffe Chevron Top

The Giraffe Chevron soft cotton Top. Complete with... Fab..

R179.00 R60.00

Snoozy Lion Top -66%

Snoozy Lion Top

The gorgeous Snoozy Lion soft cotton Top. Complete with...&nbs..

R179.00 R60.00

Awesome Monkey LS T -68%

Awesome Monkey LS T

Charming embroidered monkey long sleeve tee Super cute em..

R189.00 R60.00

Dreamy Zebra T -66%

Dreamy Zebra T

This beautifully made light-cool blue, green and orange Zebra-..

R179.00 R60.00

Pretty Giraffe T -66%

Pretty Giraffe T

This adorable T-shirt for 'pretty tall' little ones is a must ..

R179.00 R60.00

Cool Dude T -66%

Cool Dude T

Introducing The Coolest Dude in the jungle! Another winner her..

R179.00 R60.00

I'm Awesome T -66%

I'm Awesome T

Our best selling awesome monkey t-shirt consists of... ..

R179.00 R60.00

Rough 'n Tough -66%

Rough 'n Tough

For all the rough rhinos ruling the playground! This winner co..

R179.00 R60.00

Ethnic Frilly Skirt -66%

Ethnic Frilly Skirt

Yet another gorgeous addition to the collection. This Ethnic F..

R175.00 R60.00

Ethnic Love Top -64%

Ethnic Love Top

Presenting this all-wonderful African Love top for girls with ..

R169.00 R60.00

Sunshine Trio Top -66%

Sunshine Trio Top

It's African Sunshine time with this exquisite find. Showing o..

R179.00 R60.00

Moving a Ton T -66%

Moving a Ton T

For the boys of ingenuity we proudly present...Brilliant 'tran..

R179.00 R60.00

Inf Love Africa Lacey Vest -64%

Inf Love Africa Lacey Vest

We love Africa!Tactile *LOVE* print Soft cotton lace vest ..

R169.00 R60.00

Love Africa Lacey Vest -64%

Love Africa Lacey Vest

Tactile *LOVE* print onto soft cotton lacey vest. We love Afri..

R169.00 R60.00

Lion Kisses Top -64%

Lion Kisses Top

Awesome *Hearts and Kisses* embroidery with Cute happy lion fa..

R165.00 R60.00

Ellie Cool T -66%

Ellie Cool T

This cool Elie is just chilling in Africa...Perfect artwork fo..

R179.00 R60.00

Ellie Cool T -66%

Ellie Cool T

The cool Ellie is just chilling in Africa! Perfect artwork for..

R179.00 R60.00

Inf Ellie Boys Appliqué Babygrow -63%

Inf Ellie Boys Appliqué Babygrow

The most adorable little item for newborn boys up to 6-12 mont..

R160.00 R60.00

Hello Lion LS T -66%

Hello Lion LS T

Super friendly navy, grey and pinstripe long sleeve cotton tee..

R179.00 R60.00

Hoolies Hoodie -66%

Hoolies Hoodie

Brush fleece and pinstripe cotton hoodie with striking embroid..

R179.00 R60.00

Busy Babes Onesie -60%

Busy Babes Onesie

Onesies!  The essential item for a baby's wardrobe. Made ..

R149.00 R60.00

Fun in Africa T-Shirt -52%

Fun in Africa T-Shirt

The fun side of Africa! 100% Cotton T-shirtLion and buddies ju..

R125.00 R60.00

I am 5 T-Shirt -61%

I am 5 T-Shirt

An awesome birthday present with...Highly detailed embroidery ..

R155.00 R60.00

I am 6  T-Shirt -61%

I am 6 T-Shirt

An awesome birthday present with...Highly detailed embroideryT..

R155.00 R60.00

I am Four T-Shirt -61%

I am Four T-Shirt

A soft lightweight orange cotton t-shirt with...Beautiful embr..

R155.00 R60.00

Infant Frilly Skirt -45%

Infant Frilly Skirt

Infant cotton knit and check skirt to match onesies! Soft..

R109.00 R60.00

Lion Attitude Top -52%

Lion Attitude Top

A stylish green and khaki swing top with... Beautiful Lioness ..

R125.00 R60.00

Love Safari Friends Onesie -60%

Love Safari Friends Onesie

Onesies!  The  essential item for baby's wardrobe, m..

R149.00 R60.00

Pure Cotton Dolphin Waves Girls Top -61%

Pure Cotton Dolphin Waves Girls Top

Beautifully embroidered applique girly dolphin with a flared s..

R155.00 R60.00

Sixy Giraffe Top -61%

Sixy Giraffe Top

A soft lightweight green cotton t-shirt with a beautiful mixtu..

R155.00 R60.00